Stone Bespoke items

  • Any item you can imagine, we can create from stone, our state of the art machinery allow us to engrave in stone creating 3D objects, waterjet cut with high accuracy creating any 2D design the customer needs, while our highly skilled Stone Masons can work magic with their hands creating the most beautiful products with high end quality and luxury.
  • Some of such items created by us in Zein Italia Marble LLC are shown here, we have made Marble Church Baptismal Fonts, many stone columns, Onyx wall cladding with back lights are very common. We have produced Church Marble Alters, a large fountain weighing more than 32 tonnes located at the Waldorf Astoria of Ras Al Khaimah UAE, we have also infused marble and onyx into wooden doors. Do not let this be the limit to your imagination, anything you need we can make it from stone!