Kitchen Tops

  • Why should you use stone in the kitchen? Because this material is highly durable, resistant and can withstand years of use. It’s important to remember that stone is non-flammable, so it is safe to use next to the main kitchen appliances like stove and oven. It also can be exposed to these high temperatures, without any risk of discolouration, damage or deformation. Thanks to the wide variety of textures and colours you will be able to select the perfect type of stone product for your kitchen top and walls.
  • We provide a large range of products to fix on your kitchen top, natural marble is the most beautiful option however it requires more maintenance than the other products. Natural granite is also available as a more durable product. We are also an exclusive trader of the Gres Porcelanato artificial stone produced by RAK Ceramics which works perfectly for the kitchen tops. In addition we provide a wide range of Quartz which have proven to be a huge success for kitchen tops especially for the high end hotels which we have recently completed.